What We're About

The Maryland Angus Association was organized in 1930 and 1931 when there were fourteen known Angus herds in the state. The Association was incorporated as the Maryland Angus Association in 1951, with the following statement of purpose: To promote the best interest of the Aberdeen-Angus breed of cattle by means of sales, shows, meeting, publications and in such other ways as will in the judgement of the Corporation, help in the establishment of new herds and the maintenance and improvement of present herds of Aberdeen-Angus cattle. The Maryland Angus Women’s Club was organized in 1957 and has always been active in state and local Angus events and programs. Their participation in Association and Junior events has helped strengthen the Association considerably. In 1971, the Association helped organize a Maryland Junior Angus Association and has put stronger and stronger emphasis on aiding our Junior programs with increased monetary contributions, encouragement of and help with activities. We have been rewarded with a strong and active group of young Angus enthusiasts who have been selected to host three regional junior Angus shows to date. The dedication of our older members, the constant support of our Women’s Club, the enthusiasm of our juniors and new members, has helped to weld our Association into a real Angus fellowship dedicated, not only to the promotion of our great breed of cattle, but also to promotion of an atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and social exchange that is still thriving today!

A Word From Our President

Hello Angus Members,

I am excited to serve as your 2022 Maryland Angus President. The Maryland Angus Association is a great group that promotes a strong breed of cattle, promotes learning and friendliness, along with cooperation and growth. We are a diverse group of Angus Breeders and Angus Supporters and that is what makes us unique. We are large angus herds, we are small angus herds, some are youth projects and some are here with no angus cattle of their own but we all strive for the same result. We want to make the Angus Breed better. We can do this through education, marketing, and communication with our members and in our communities with others. I encourage everyone to come up with ideas to promote the Angus Breed and share every chance possible. I'm looking forward to a great year. Thanks Everyone.

Eric Troxell


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Maryland Angus Association
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