Futurity Program


The Maryland Angus Association has initiated a program to promote the breeding; sales and showing of Maryland bred angus cattle. The Futurity Program is funded through donations, fundraisers and nomination fees. The program rewards Maryland Angus Junior members that purchase Maryland bred angus cattle by providing a cash payout for Futurity nominated animals exhibited at certain defined shows. The Futurity rewards are based on the individual placing at the show. It was the intent of the program to encourage and support the Maryland Junior Angus members in the purchase and exhibition of angus cattle bred by the members of the Maryland Angus Association.


Eligible animals must be registered purebred Angus and must list a Maryland Angus Association member as the breeder on the AAA registration. The animal must be sold to a second party that is a current member in good standing of the Maryland Angus Junior Association. Junior bred and owned animals are not eligible. Any animal that meets the age requirements to show is eligible in the nominating year.


The nomination requires the submission of the Futurity Nomination Form and a copy of the registration of the animal (or its Dam if the registration is in process) with the nomination fee. The nomination fee is $50.00 per animal. The animal must be nominated prior to February 15th for steers and May 15th for heifers. Note: for animals exhibiting at the MAJAC show, the nominations must be in before the start of the show. The purchaser (owner) can submit the nomination as long as all eligibility requirements are met. Retroactive nominations and earnings are not permitted.
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Eligible Shows

Junior Angus and 4-H shows only
  • Atlantic National Junior Show
  • MD Junior Angus Preview
  • Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show
  • National Junior Angus Show
  • MD Angus Breeders Show
  • Maryland State Fair 4-H Show
  • Junior Members County Fair (limit 1)


The payout schedule for each show shall be as follows and is limited to only the highest placing for each show.
  • Class Winner $25.00
  • Division Winner $50.00
  • Reserve Grand Champion $75.00
  • Grand Champion $100.00

For example - A heifer that wins her class, wins her division, and is Reserve Grand Champion of the show, would receive a total of $75.00 for that show.

The total payout for a single animal for the year is limited to $500.00.


The Junior Member and the Breeder will be recognized at the Maryland Angus Social in December at which time a check in the amount of the Futurity earnings, up to the maximum, will be paid to the Junior Exhibitor.


The Maryland Angus Association reserves the right from time to time to adjust the nominating fees and payout in order to maintain the viability and purpose of the Futurity program.

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