Women’s Club

The Maryland Angus Women's Club was one the first Angus auxiliaries in the country. It preceded the American Angus Auxiliary by a couple of years having been organized in 1956-57. The Club's main mission is to aid and fund the auxiliary scholarships for the state and be a support system to the Maryland Junior Angus Association.

The Women's Club is also responsible for choosing the Maryland Angus Queen and Princess every year. The Queen and Princess represent the state on behalf of the Maryland Angus Association and Maryland Junior Angus Association at many shows and sales around the country.

Our fundraising activities have included over the years, serving meals at sales and the junior preview shows, basket bingo, a Ways and Means booth, the sale of cheese and chances on our Wheelbarrow of Gourmet Cheer. We have provided funds for over 100 scholarships. We have also hosted and supported Royalty activities at many Eastern Regional Junior shows and the Atlantic National Angus Show in Timonium.

It is safe to say that our group is small but our efforts have always been large! It's difficult to measure the success of the Maryland Angus Women's Club without including the success of our Juniors. In the final analysis, that is what we are all about.

Laura Bowman
440 Two Taverns Road
Gettysburg, PA

Vice President
Melissa Schulze
6899 John Pickett Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Delaney Heath
14542 Monticello Drive
Cooksville, MD 21723

Donna Full
6211 Woodbine Road
Woodbine, MD 21797

Scholarship Information: Melissa Schulze - 301-639-6495
Trophy Information: Pam Velisek - 301-253-9069

Our Activities Support Angus Breeders. Come Join Us!

The John Rust Canby
Memorial Trophy

The John Rust Canby Memorial Trophy is donated by Echo Valley farm in honor of John’s valuable contributions to the Maryland Junior Angus Association.

This award shall be presented yearly to one active member of the Maryland Junior Angus Association who has exemplified by their enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and attitude a willingness to share their expertise in carrying out their programs and goals set forth by the Junior Angus Association. The winner must own Angus cattle.

This award will be presented to the same individual one time only.

Selection, henceforth, shall be made by:
       1. A committee of the Maryland Angus Association or
       2. Junior Angus Association members

For more information contact Pam Velisek, 301-367-6663.


Contact Us

Maryland Angus Association
c/o Kelsey Thomas
4401 Brookeville Rd.
Brookville, MD 20833

Cell: (301) 606-8854
Email: marylandangussecretary@gmail.com